Shushtar Sabznam Food Industries Complex



In 2000, Sabznam Shushtar Production Cooperative Company received the necessary permits, including the establishment license, the exploitation license from the Ministry of Industries and Mines, and the health exploitation license from the Ministry of Health. World and fully automatic, a specialized laboratory approved by the Food and Drug Administration started operating with an experienced workforce under the green brand name of Shushtar.


of experience

Sabznam started with 20 types of packaging and so far with more than 200 types of food in the field: nuts, legumes, dried and ready-to-cook vegetables, cereals, oilseeds (soy and sesame), jelly powder, syrup powder, sugar and Sugar of various nuts and saffron as well as providing food product packages for the families of employees of public and private offices and companies will continue its activities and it is hoped that in the near future in the field of ready-made cake powder and various herbal teas To develop as much as possible and to produce and provide high quality products for our dear compatriots and neighboring countries, relying on the knowledge and experiences of human beings in the world.

  • More than 21 years of activity
  • Job creation for more than 100 people
  • Receive numerous certificates and awards
  • Very high quality products and variety

And certificates